I felt safe and sound in this place that I would never have found on my own. Hidden behind a wonderful flowering tangle of flowers in all colors.
«We have arrived», you said, while parking the car carefully under an olive tree in the shadow. I stepped out, kind of wondering, where we actually have arrived, but your behavior was that certain and confident, that I just followed you. As always.
We crossed the street and now and then you looked searching for an entrance in the dense green with all the flowers.
And there it was, the gap with the steep stairs hidden behind. I never would have guessed, what followed them. We entered a perfectly hidden paradise, like in a dream, or in a fairytale or in a bedtime story, invented out of the blue. Three tiny houses nestling directly against the glittering sea in the evening light. Two dogs who greeted us with an excited barking, jumping up and down as if we were the first humans to see them for a long time. The main house was open towards the sea, filled with thousands of small and personal things, from a rusting Budda to old concert announcements and little lights of a thousand-and-one-night. A few tables covered with tablecloths in all kinds of red, surrounded by benches with many pillows. And immediately I felt safe and sound.

«How much time do we have», is what I hear me say, but my eyes are wandering over the sea, the purple gleaming hills on the other side of the gulf. I knew already, that I wouldn’t like the answer. Time was running fast and not to my pleasure. Not at this place.
«No worries, enough – at least for today. We will have many times, many places, many stories to discover…», but I wasn’t listening properly. The word ‚enough’ was the right one fort he moment. Enough. Wonderful.

Finally, an elderly man came in with heavy steps, slightly bent over and with white hair and white beard as well. He mentioned something, not understandable, but not because of my lacking of Greek. He coulden’t speak. That he needed a voice amplifier to be heard I only realised when he greeted me in the most charming way. I still could not understand a word, but the way he spoke and looked at me was quite sufficient to understand the meaning of the words. Metallic and robot-equal the voice. As if I knew how a robot talk! However, I loved him on the spot. He made some jokes with you and I enjoyed the way you looked at him, the way your eyes were laughing too. This was the first time i realised, that I had fallen in love with you. Couldn’t let go of the moment until a dark voice in my back was making a joke about how excited it was that we have found our way to this place at this time. A women with astonishing red hair entered the scene and gave you a proper hug.

«Don’t ask for dinner, I will bring you the most delicious things you have had since a very long time – just give me a little bit of time … and kiss the one next to you», she said with a bright smile oh her face and gave me a wink. Then next thing I heard was a noisy clattering out of the kitchen nearby.
You just looked at me with your irresistible smile, reached out for my hands and there we were sitting, chatting forth and back, laughing and smiling and in the back of my head i heard the ticking clock.
«How much time we have», was the question again, but I already knew that I wouldn’t like the answer, definitely not.
«Enough», you said, «not enough for today, but enough in the future. So many things to see, so much to talk about, to hear from you, to tell you. Enough, don’t worry.»

But the time was running, the night was falling in and all the small lights aroud us transformed the whole room into a scene from a fairy tale – again. The waves did their best to lull us down and the Ouzo did the rest. For one more time in my life I really wanted to be able to stop time.

«Time is up», you said, and just like that we found ourselves in the car, driving away from a dreamy timeout and heading towards the airport. Back to reality, I thought while putting my hand on your knee.
«Back to reality», you said while laying your hand on my knee.
Without one more word we drove through the night towards an encounter I did not want.
«We will have time, haven’t we?», i asked and looked for the last time at your face.
«We will», was the saving answer.
Thank you.

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