Talking with the volcano about wishes

Talking with the volcano about wishesYesterday I was marching towards the volcano. I was marching in Iceland trough a huge lava field towards the volcano and it was a sometimes gray, sometimes sunny. An enchanting medley of light and darkness. And there was a heavy wind blowing and I was thinking about the advice from the moon. Finally, I reached the bottom of the volcano and I was dead tired and just thinking about my love and absolutely nothing else. From deep down the volcano grumbled: The dragon is near, go looking for his nest, where the dragon egg is waiting for you, with all the answers in it. But be on one’s guard of the small dragon. He will protect the answers. Then the volcano fell silent again and just stood there, powerful and shadowy. And I picked myself up and I kept on marching and I was thinking about all the advices and about the dragon and the nest with the egg, but mostly about my love who does not even know that I love him.

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