Rushing of the river

rushing of the riverToday it was a dark day, a dark grey day in Iceland. I was hiding behind warm and cosy walls and outside the window the storm and the rain darkened the world. I was afraid to go outside and I was thinking about my love and the dragon and how I it would be possible to find the wriggling river. At this very same moment the sky gets open wide and the sun was blinking behind the black clouds. And I ran, I ran down the hill to find the wriggling river and actually i found it, i found the wriggling river and he spoke with a throaty voice: don’t think about the dragon. Or at least don’t think about the dragon in this way. And I said: I don’t think about the dragon, I am thinking about my love who does not even know…But the river was very busy and spoke in a rush: Go find the sea, go find the nest, go find the answers where they are hiding…and then he rushed away, constantly and steadily the river was leaping down toward the sea. And I was standing on the riverbank and the sun was hiding away and the sky went dark again and I was standing on the rivershore and was thinking about my love and about the sea and the nest and was wondering where the answers were hiding up.


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