Crinkling in the bushes

crinkling in the bushesToday I crawled through the bushes, desperate to find the creek. It was soggy and I had to crawl on the knees under the bushes on the Lavafield in Iceland. I couldn’t hear the creek, I was occupied with my thoughts and I was thinking about my love. In the twinkling of an eye the bushes spoke under one’s breath: don’t think about the dragon. And I said: I do not think about the dragon – what is it always about the dragon? I am thinking about my love who does not even know that I love him. And I need someone to give me some advice about…But the bushes had no patience and replied with many rushing voices: We have nothing for you. Just stop thinking about the dragon and find the wriggling river. But don’t go visiting the dragon. Then a gust of wind blew over the Lavafield and the bushes remained silent. And I was on my knees on the Lavafield under the bushes and I was thinking about my love and about the wriggling river and about the dragon which seemed more and more interesting to me.

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