Singing in the meadow

singing in the meadowToday I was walking through grass. I was walking through a large meadow and the wind was blowing, but the wind was warm and smooth. I could not see my feet, I had my head in the sky and I was thinking about my love. Out of nowhere a mountain juniper fairy approached me, buzzing in front of my face and was singing a lovely melody which I have never heard before. Suddenly she said with a bell-like voice: don’t think about the dragon. And I said: I do not think about the dragon. I am thinking about my love, who does not even know… But the delicate juniper fairy interrupted me and said: leave me alone with this story. Just do not think about visiting the dragon. Don’t do that – then she was gone. And I was standing in the middle of the meadow, the wind was blowing softly through the grasses and I was thinking about my love and about the dragon which I could actually visit – maybe.

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