Bluemoon stroll with Paul


Finally – the english edition of my book! Small and fine – from me to you – my debut!

Bluemoon stroll with Paul
Everything might have turned out quite differently, had the red mug stood there in the end. But it was the blue one, and therefore the life of Alice took its course.

Her encounters with sunglasses, watering cans and hilarious garden gnomes accompany her on a path which changes direction every other moment, draws loops or makes U-turns. If the journey encounters a fork in the way, certainly Paul the plastic pig is there on the spot, to issue it’s bizarre advice. If there is a puzzle to solve or if she lacked clarity, Alice promptly gets expert advice from little Mathilda.

112 pages, 10 photographs, 10 colours, a collection of 10 stories and one universe – namly that from Alice.

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